Our Heavy Duty Towing Services is in high demand throughout Winchester, VA up to Baltimore MD. We have 3 locations. We support cities including Winchester, Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Rosedale, Baltimore. We are very proud of the fact that Inwood Wrecker Service handles over 50% of the heavy truck towing, semi towing issues in the area. Over 90% of the county governments in the area use Inwood Wrecker Service because of our reliability and attention to detail. They work with us because we are the best, the most reliable and the most competent. Our team of towing experts is highly skilled in working with big rigs, farm equipment, construction equipment and semi trucks.

Our team of heavy towing experts knows all the ins and outs of vehicle recovery and heavy towing equipment. With years and years of experience, we have access to all the latest innovations in heavy towing.

We have an extraordinary staff of heavy towing experts who know semi roadside assistance and vehicle recovery from the inside out. They have many years of experience. What’s more, we have every possible piece of equipment at our disposal and our team knows every inch of every towing vehicle in our fleet. Only the best trained, towing professionals work at Inwood  Wrecker Service. Heavy truck towing experts comprise our entire staff. What’s more, our dispatchers are incredibly knowledgeable. They can guide you and help you along the way. It’s their job to match you to the right Wreckmaster certified heavy towing operator.

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